Course Announcement

SSE 693 Emerging Enterprise Technologies (Special Topics) Fall Semester 2015

Course Description:

This course provides students an introduction to systems development using three of the top emerging enterprise technologies: Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing, and semantic technologies. Students will research a specific aspect of one of the three emerging technologies and present to the class.

Suggested [but others accepted] research topics by emerging technology include:

SOA: RESTful web services, SOAP, Service Composition, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), SOA Governance, Open Source SOA Frameworks, Service-Oriented Design Patterns, SOA and Business Process Management, Service-Oriented Event Management, SOA Standards

Cloud Computing: Apache Hadoop, Apache Accumulo, Map Reduce, CloudStack, OpenStack, NoSQL databases, Cloud Computing Design Patterns, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Cloud management frameworks

Semantic Technologies: World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Semantic Web Stack, Description Logics based reasoners, Open Source Frameworks (Sesame, Jena, etc.), Open World and Closed World Assumptions

This course will be taught by Mr. Steve Hamby, CEO of G Software, and of Agile ISR.


SSE 550 Object-Oriented Design I