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Report Logs

Changes are likely; please check back frequently.

Log Delivery

Direct Activity Logs are delivered via the course FTP site at times specified in the schedule in the course syllabus. They should be delivered on this schedule regardless of progress on assigned projects. They receive a separate grade.

Non-Direct Activity Logs are delivered as part of the project assignments via the course FTP site at time specified for project delivery in the schedule in the course syllabus. The Non-Direct Activity Logs may be included as appendices in the project reports, or as separate documents along with the project reports. They should be delivered at the same time as the assigned project reports. Non-Direct Activity Logs do not receive a separate grade, but are considered in grading their respective projects.

All report logs are cumulative; they report time from the beginning of the course to the date of the report.

Logging and Categorizing Your Course Activities

Most courses will require that you log the time you work on various parts of the course. These logs are very important, and must be included in your report. Please be careful to log your times and activities correctly.

It is essential that you record your time correctly, distinguishing correctly between Direct and Non-Direct Activities. Please carefully read and make sure that you understand Direct and Non-Direct Activities and use these distinctions correctly.


Log Structure

Your log should be structured per the following example. In real life, many more rows will be needed.

Time/Task Log
Activity Type: DIRECT
Duration (in minutes)
Specific Task/Activity
April 11, 2014
Online research into complex Java sprite movement
Sum for Current Report
Cumulative Sum for This Course


Enter a precise number of minutes. You have to add them up at the end, so you need an exact number. Come as close to the actual time you worked on this task as you can.


If this activity was partially in the Direct category and partially in the Non-Direct category, estimate the amount of time spent on the Direct activity, and the amount spent on the Non-Direct activity, and record them on the respective (Direct and Non-Direct) logs. Note that only the Direct log is included in the Direct reports, and only the Non-Direct log is included in the Non-Direct reports.

Please plan your time well. It is much easier and more practical to spread your work out over the term than to try to fit everything in at the end.


Duration Sums

The sample log above shows a total at the end of the term of 2250+ minutes of Direct activity. 2250 minutes is the nearly universally-accepted minimum for a three-credit university course in the United States. For Non-Direct activity, the American minimum is 4500 minutes for a three credit university course.

The sample log above shows a total of 753 minutes of Direct activity for the current report. If the course requires three Direct activity reports, as is common in many SSE courses, then 750 minutes per one third of the course would meet the minimum expectation for Direct activities.


Direct and Non-Direct Activities

All direct activities are collaborative; someone else (other than you) is involved. In the Direct activities log, please identify with whom you collaborated.

One example would be that you collaborated with all students in the course, via the course listserv. In the sample log above, you could take Direct activity credit for the 87 minutes you spent on researching Java sprite motion if you communicate the results with the course via the course listserv. (General listserv discussions of topics outside your course count, too.)

Or, if you communicated your results (e.g., a particular web site is good on this subject) to one or two classmates, you could include their names in the Activity Type column.

If you did not communicate the results of your research into sprite motion to anyone (other than yourself), you should list the research time on your Non-Direct log, rather than on your Direct log. If you do this all the time, you may have nothing to include in your Direct log, indicating that you did not do anything in the Direct classwork category, thereby earning no Direct activity credit toward your term grade. Please collaborate on Direct coursework, and avoid this problem!

Collaboration on the projects assigned via the syllabus is, by definition, Non-Direct, and should be reported only on the Non-Direct log.

The Direct Activity Logs should not be difficult or time-consuming to write, once you understand the categories.

The Project Reports will be very much like our past project reports, with the addition of the Non-Direct Activity Log.

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